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There's been an on-going call to revive RSS over the past year or so, and I feel like I've seen half a dozen articles and posts just in the last week. It's a fantastic idea. Without it I can't follow particular people on Instagram, Twitter, and other sites where I don't have accounts. Those sites just want to lock their users in — it's anti-human empire-building, so screw 'em.

Pro tip: I found a self-hosted thing called rss-bridge, which lets you create RSS feeds for sites that don't provide one. I'm trying it out and loving it. AFAIK Mastodon isn't quite there yet, but Friendica lets you follow RSS feeds and now my friends' posts on Instagram are just a normal part of my timeline.

#ReviveRSS #Friendica #Mastodon #Twitter #Instagram


These public scooters are still littering the pavement wherever you go in #SanFrancisco. I'm so glad they put up one flyer in the middle of nowhere — that should do the trick.

Leica M3 / Kodak Tri-X

#photography #filmphotography #SanFrancisco
@StJohn It’s LimeBikes for days over here in El Cerrito. 🙄🚲🚲🚲🚲😡


Lookit all the buttons on this thing! I've never seen a camera like it. They were apparently sold to housewives in the 60s by a corporation who thought women were too dumb to use normal cameras.

My adventures in old crap I've dug up at flea markets continues… #cameras #photography #filmphotography
For you Gopher-philes out there, this article is also up on my phlog:


I did a thing! I took this beautiful old pile of crap from 2002 and upgraded it, mainly through insults and abuse, until it has a semi-modern OS on it. Only took me three weeks, too. #computers #vintage
Quite a labour of love this project. Enjoyed reading your archaeography. Formidable in places though.

Hah, thanks, I'm glad someone got a kick out of it. It's been literally 15 years since I compiled my own Linux kernels so the whole thing was quite an odyssey, but it's been a lot of fun too.

For you Gopher-philes out there, this article is also on my phlog:


Get a load of this gorgeous creature — the Cobalt Qube 3 (released 2002, AMD K6-2+ processor at 450 MHz).



I upgraded the RAM from 64 MB to 512 MB (the maximum), and I've got a new IDE hard drive on the way for the OS. I thought it was going to be like one night's work to pop Linux on a drive and boot it up, but seriously, it has been one bloody thing after another with unsupported architectures, compiling kernels, upgrading 15 years' worth of Debian distros… It's taken me three weeks so far, but I've finally got the thing running Debian Wheezy (shut up, it's still supported) and talking to my network, though for some reason it refuses to co-operate with the PCI SATA controller card I put in the box.

Anyone else got one of these hushpuppies? I've been thinking of writing this all up in a proper blog post if anyone still cares about this hardware.

Today's pointless chicanery brought to you courtesy of the Wishy Washing Washing Machine Company of Walla Walla, Washington.

YouTube: Disco Ball Peen Hammer (HarmonyJoyride)

One of my favorite movies, if you don't mind a silent film. There are so many great images, it's hard to know where to start with a movie poster (especially if you're going to try and outdo the original). I think the blue one has my vote, though. The image of that inhumane, exhausting job has haunted me since I was a teenager.


Bad Rabbi

This has to be one of my favorite books this year. I mean look at it, how can you not.


#books #Jewish #history

This is pretty good. It happens every now and then that someone says, "I only have one book" (i.e. the Bible), or that they write more than they read, or worst of all that they choose not to read at all. And it makes my skin crawl. There's a real contempt for reading as if "books" are out to get you, or a complete lack of interest as if books are only for homework.

To be honest it's hard to believe Kanye West can be that good of a musician if his brain is so starved of ideas, but I'm prepared to believe people who say he's great. It wouldn't be the first time a musician has been a musical genius but a little bit thick otherwise.

this is the best Kanye take I think

reading is important

I'll never not reblog cool clocks. Give 'em to me. I require ALL the clocks.

If you sneeze like a mouse having an orgasm, you really need to evaluate the path your life has taken to bring you to this point.


All it does is scream, the whole movie.


There is no BBCode for content warning, but if you use a hash tag for NS.FW content, people who are using the content filter may let those postings be collapsed.

And it is an additional feature that allows making tags to existing postings (also by others) that is one of the buttons below of a posting. You can remove the tag by removing that comment saying that I tagged your posting with NS.FW

Just ordered a two-pound bag of Chupa Chups for all of $10 because the Boy's never had them before. We spent a whole 20 minutes just giggling about the name because I suddenly realized it sounds like the most ridiculously stupid Australian name for anything ever. "Aw yeahhh, give us some bloody Chupa Chups mate I'm gagging for a Chupa Chup."

For anyone doing the maths, two pounds is 72 Chupa Chups.
Do people not have Chupa Chups in America? The SCANDAL! They are the greatest achievement of human civilization.

I mean the logo was designed by Salvador Dalí. What more do you want I ask.

@stjohn "chupa" has a sexual connotation in my language

but Chupa Chups are just overpriced lollipops tbh 🍭 Nice logo and logo creator tho! Never knew that before

Oh hello, this sounds juicy! What language does "chupa" have a sexual meaning in? It's a Spanish invention, apparently, so if you speak Spanish then it must have been a deliberate branding choice. Not that it would be the first time lollipops were used as a double entendre, but still :P

@StJohn whaaaaat

Also, yes we totally have them but Tootsie Pops are much more popular.

And you know where the name Chupa Chup comes from, yeah?

Apparently not! C'mon, hit me with your rhythm stick.

@StJohn It means "suck suck" in Spanish! Or, at least, is the onomatopoeia for the sound you make with a lolly.

Ah well, that's nothing new. Here, have a lobster playing the harmonica:

YouTube: Millie Small - My boy lollypop (Lenin Gols)

Filthy, ain't it?

Huzzah! We have rescued Turkish Starwars 😁
New HD Scan of Cult Film “Turkish Star Wars” to Premiere May 4

Damned if these guys aren't just amazing. #music #superorganism

Welp! I did it, I went and registered a .gopher address with OpenNIC. My Gopher phlog is now also accessible at gopher://stjohn.gopher (if you're using OpenNIC's DNS servers).

I love the idea of an alternative DNS infrastructure with new domains. My blog has already been available at http://stjohn.bit for ages, which uses a related alternate TLD run on blockchain technology. Will any of these alternate systems amount to much? Probably not. But you'll have to drag me away kicking and screaming to stop me taking part :P
Gopher is still a thing? I used to search on Gopher way back in the 80s.

It is! There's been a surprising revival in the last few years as a counter-reaction to how slow, overloaded, unsecure, and ad-ridden the Web has become. A lot of Gopher-philes seem to be at home here in the fediverse too — @ajroach42 is a font of knowledge about this (and other things).

hmmm... @ajroach42 is not showing up for me in a search... can you try tagging again?

Oh bum, possibly a protocol problem. He's here on Mastodon: