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I'm taking some alternative browsers for a spin and Midori crashed almost immediately. Literally, within the first five minutes. On Debian Stable. Lift your game, son.

All right, now to try out qutebrowser. I did actually try Links (with graphics) and thought it was quite promising, but it lacks tabs and something went wrong where I couldn't copy/paste, so maybe not. I might give it another go, though — I like the idea of a text-centric browser.

That's one heck of a photograph.

<<People got rich writing books about how, dammit, the USA should give up on this whole democratic republic business and recognized that it was the new Rome or, at best, the new imperial Britain. People walked around in Winston Churchill drag. The whole country was out of its damned mind.

The results are in. Iraq never recovered. Syria devolved into civil war. We got closer than ever to the inhumane regime in Saudi Arabia.. >>

Mozilla: "In 2018 Firefox browsers will be fast, personal, mobile, and opinionated. […] People on the web deserve a browser that represents people first, a browser that isn't neutral when it comes to advertising, tracking and other dark patterns on the web." (0)

What? No, I don't want my browser to have an opinion, no more than I want my toaster or my toilet paper to have an opinion. I want Firefox to render the damn Web. I appreciate the thought, but privacy options should be configurable through settings and add-ons. Why am I suddenly buying into a whole corporate philosophy by just wanting to browse the Web?

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Privacy options **are** configurable through extensions/settings. What they probably mean in this passage is that they will give you as many tools as they can to protect your privacy, as opposed to other browsers that violate your privacy themselves or do nothing to protect it.

Ooh, have you seen the up-coming releases? I didn't know they were out yet so I don't know what the new privacy options will look like. My impression from that press release was that this hadn't been released yet.

In any case, privacy options are already configurable through extensions (like uBlock) and settings (like sending the Do Not Track header). What I don't know is why it's suddenly Mozilla's job to *own* all my privacy features and have "opinions" about them. I've been laboring under the misapprehension they're supposed to be making some kind of web browser.

Is anyone else unsure why pan-dimensional celestial Hitler is the Google doodle today?

Why, today is equinox; spring is starting. Where do you see Mr. H.?

The face in the second O. Like the Hitler tea kettle, it cannot be unseen.

I see it now 😀

It's either Hitler or John Cleese, I can't quite tell.

Satirical portraits of our Insect Overlord — there are some real beauts here. Check out that doughnut with a slice of processed cheese on top.

Ghostbusters II — jizz on it. Just jizz all over it.


Remember when Mattel sued Aqua over "Barbie Girl"? According to Wikipedia the judge threw the case out saying, "The parties are advised to chill." And then subequently, "If this were a sci-fi melodrama, it might be called Speech-Zilla meets Trademark Kong."

Best judge ever?

YouTube: Aqua - Barbie Girl (AquaVEVO)

Who here cried when you saw this scene when you were a little kid? 😭💦 This is one scene I skip everytime I rewatch The Neverending Story 💣💥


The Ibis on George Street


Lomo'Instant / Fujifilm Instax Mini

This is the only photo I ever took with my Lomo'Instant that I really love. Of course now I wish I'd taken it with a better camera, but then there's something appealing about the saturated colors, high contrast, and vague blurriness of instant film too.

#photography #filmphotography #Sydney #instantfilm
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Just as it helps our politicians to know when we want change, we can tell Kodak just how much we want Kodachrome back in production. Share this article with your friends. Tell them to call and email and write to and about Kodak. Tell them how much we want Kodachrome back, how much it would be in Kodak's best interest, how much we do love it, and the responsibility that they have to deliver on that love. After all, Kodachrome: sounds an awful lot like something only Kodak could bring to the market. #kodachrome

@luluberlu it's not a ghost story but if you haven't read "17776 - What football will look like in the future" yet:

This is the sort of thing you try to think of a witty title for but nothing could possibly be weirder than what it actually is.

Knitted Octopuses Climbing Trees

Leica M3 / Kodak Tri-X
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