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The day after Thanksgiving some mates and I visited the Dickens Fair. I really wanted to shoot a few rolls of film, but it's fairly dimly lit inside the Cow Palace so I brought 3200 ISO film. Grainy as all get-out, but at the same time I kind of like the gritty, grungy look.





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@StJohn oooh I miss this den of iniquity and harbour for lecherous men of all ages more than is healthy. It just doesn't feel like December without it.

@bouncinglime Do they have anything similar in your corner of the world? There's always Christmas panto :P

@StJohn I was just trying to describe Christmas Panto to my cousin in Connecticut! We've not been to one, but I think part of what I'm missing from Dickens is the participatory nature of it. And also the naughty songs. (All the pantos I've seen advertised here are family friendly.)

Nice shots. A friend of mine is telling me I should go so perhaps I'll do that while it's still happening.

It's oodles of fun, and it's so immersive it's like being on another planet. I can't recommend it enough, even if you only go once and decide it's not your cup of tea.



Sept jours. Sept photos en noir et blanc de votre vie. Pas de gens. Pas d’explications.
Seven days. Seven black and white pictures of your life. No people. No explanation.

Jour 6 / Day 6.

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Bad sex award judges admit 'this year is quite good'.

Bad sex award 2017 shortlist: the contenders in quotes

Literary theory, avalanches and a frosty encounter on a beach – it’s time to get up close and personal with the challengers for the Literary Review’s 2017 Bad sex in fiction prize

rape culture, baby it's cold outside
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God help me if white people in silent movies don't all look the same. I can't tell them apart half the time. It's especially true of the women, who I gather were all selected by a specific standard of beauty and were then made-up in the style of the time and dressed in the same sorts of clothes. I can't tell people apart in real life — how am I supposed to recognize anyone in this army of clones?
@stjohn It's the hairdo! and the poor quality of most surviving prints.

What silent films are you watching?

@ajroach42 Yes! That bloody hairdo!

I'm watching "Buried Treasure" (1921), starring the eminently forgettable Marion Davies. I like to fund silent movie Kickstarters because it's exciting to see a movie hauled out of the vaults for the first time in decades, but I swear if I see another Marion Davies movie I'm going to scream.

Do you have any favorites? I'm always keen on good recommendations.

@stjohn If you'll forgive the Marion Davies suggestion, I like the silent Ben Hur.

(I didn't know she was in it until I checked her wikipedia page, apparently she was an extra. Then again, in that film, who wasn't?)

It's been a few minutes since I've spent serious time with silents.

I watched A Message From Mars recently. That was better than I expected.

I'm always a fan of Douglas Fairbanks adventures (The Black Pirate, Zorro, Robin Hood, etc.) and a couple of those feature early (2 strip) color.

Mostly, I'm a Keaton fan. The General, Sherlock Jr. The electric house. I could watch him eat breakfast and find it funny.


The Astronomer’s Dream — Georges Melies short with a soundtrack by my friend Wesley. Part of a remix project that I have had to put on hold since I moved to DC.

There it Is — Charlie Bowers, A silent short with a stop motion cricket. Possibly my favorite short film. Full stop.

I think that's all I got right now, although I'm totally doing a 'Silent Films you have to see' bundle as part of #MASTODONHOLIDAYEXTRAVAGANZA

Silent Cinema: The Astronomer's Dream

117 years after it was originally released, my buddy Wesley wrote and recorded a new score for the Georges Méliès sci-fi short film The Astronomer’s Dream. It’s part of an ongoing project, in which I’m working with local musicians and videographers to revitalize and rescore vintage films. I’m really pleased with this score, and the ultimate film is fantastic.

@stjohn So the real question is, do you have any recommendations?

@ajroach42 Gotcha, silent "Ben Hur". I promise I won't hold Marion Davies against it! I've heard good things, but I just haven't got around to it yet.

Yessss, Douglas Fairbanks was such a magnetic actor. He could fill the screen no matter what he was doing. "The Mark of Zorro" is a joy from start to finish. I like a good bit of Keaton as well, but my pick for silent comedian is always going to be Harold Lloyd. I loved him from the first time I saw "Safety Last". Keaton has a scientifically devious and precise way of setting up a scenario (building a house, a train chase, etc.) and working through everything that can go wrong with it. But Lloyd — for me, Lloyd always did comedy about everyday things. Trying to keep your new suit clean at a county fair, hiding from the landlord, trying to fit in, holding down a job… I love escapism, but if someone can be brilliant within the bounds of everyday life then it's almost more impressive.

Thanks for the links! I'll check them out when I'm done with this Davies movie — and I'm dead keen to check out your Mastodon holiday extravaganza too.

For animated crickets, have you seen "The Cameraman's Revenge"?

YouTube: The Cameraman's Revenge (1912) animation (All soviet movies on RVISION)

It's a lovely little short. Then I'd have to add Fritz Lang's "Spies" (the first 60 seconds of that movie are better than any new movie that's come out in the last ten years). And there's a weird and wonderful, intense and hilarious Russian/French one called "The Burning Crucible".

Gah, so many great movies. It's a shame they don't get much attention today. A lot of people who do "best movies of all time" lists seem to think cinema began in 1960. Or even 1980.


I threw together a quick list off the top of my head yesterday for the holiday pack.

This is what I came up with off the top of my head:

The Lost World
The Iron Mask
The Black Pirate
The General
A Trip to the Moon
Robin Hood
Sherlock Jr.
Ben Hur
Der Golem
The Electric House

But there's plenty of work left to do.

@ajroach42 Oh you saw that new "Lost World" release! Wasn't it great? There was some really beautiful cinematography (and color work) in those dinosaur shots.

I'll have to rewatch "The General", I think. I remember liking it, but only realized in hindsight how clever it was. It's one of those Keaton movies where he sets up a scenario and works through every variation on it. Who thought you could get *so* much mileage out of a train chase?

Thanks for the tips — you seem to have excellent taste, so I'm looking forward to a few weeks of good movies 😀

@stjohn @stjohn I haven’t seen the new lost world release. I’ll go look for it.

The story of the general has always been pretty close to me. I grew up where it happened. It was a favorite piece of history for me as a kid.

watching the general for the first time a few years ago, I brought with me that historical context, and I was just so very impressed with Keaton’s rendition.

Add to that his work as a director and stuntman and... the dude is just impressive.

@ajroach42 Oh Keaton's stunt work is unparalleled. Lloyd may have done some impressive trick shots, but Keaton was there sitting on train wheels and having bits of building fall on him. The man was a genius.

I was always a big fan of "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World", but I think I loved it even more when I realized Buster Keaton was in it. That and "Sunset Boulevard", where he has a cameo as one of the "waxworks" from the 20s.

Last day of a four-day weekend like

Restoring the Lost Sense
From Pick Me Up, 1891.

Bildo Bildo Bildo Bildo Bildo

Brain: Why don't you post something on the one day of the year no-one will be online.
Me: YES.

I did a thing! Went round photographing stone animals in San Francisco. Full blog post here (Stone Wildlife of San Francisco), but here were some of my favorites.





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What About The Rights of the Next Generation?

YouTube: What About The Rights of the Next Generation? (OpenRightsGroup)

Why should our children have their rights taken away from them just because they were born in the digital age? Rick Falkvinge, Head of Privacy at London Trus...

A sublime shot from "Sir Henry at Rawlinson End" (1980). The washed-out film gives the whole movie a sense that it's nowhere — no sky, no grass, just hanging in space in its own bubble of weird.



This one came up on my radio station a few minutes ago, and it's damn good.

I'd never heard it before.

The vocalist is names Frances Wayne.

It's smooth. It's smokey. It's straight out that noire dime novel you were reading.

Out of This World : Woody Herman and his Orchestra : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Performer: Woody Herman and his Orchestra; Frances WayneWriter: Mercer; ArlenFox Trot; Vocal Chorus.Digitized at 78 revolutions per minute. Four stylii were...

Home of the Golden Bears, apparently. It just looks haunted af to me.


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I've been trying to get a good shot of this sucker for a *year* now, but there's that fence in the way. Even in this shot there's that telegraph pole, but I doubt I'll ever get a clearer view.

It's just not the Halloween-to-Thanksgiving holiday season without the Great Pumpkin putting a hit on Charlie Brown. "Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown" (1986).

YouTube: Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown (VitaOpus)

Tagging @bouncinglime and @Kyle Barbour for obscure counter-culture animation.

oh my god this rules

Just found an old university friend on YouTube. He looks like a serial killer. Did he always look like a serial killer? *Is* he a serial killer? So many questions.
Although he was a lovely guy, he was a member of the university swordfighting club which was always kind of a magnet for dickheads.

God damn right. This might be the only good news in politics I've heard in nearly two years. After everything the no-vote people have said — all the petty, bizarre, insulting, and emotionally manipulative bullshit — they can eat my turds.

The New York Times: Australia Votes ‘Yes’ on Same-Sex Marriage, Clearing Path for Legalization (By ADAM BAIDAWI and DAMIEN CAVE)

I can't believe I just spent the last 24 hours doing this, but I ported my whole website to #Gopher and am now serving up a Gopher #phlog:


This might be a new level of nerdy hipsterism, but goddamn I am so tired with the modern Web. It's so nice to see a platform that only serves up things people actually made.
@StJohn wait what? How do I follow this? /Can/ I follow it without running Gopher?

@bouncinglime Whaddya know, it looks like there's a web interface too!


Spoiler alert: it's just a mirror of my normal blog, It was kind of fun using Gopher, though. Maybe I'll do some Gopher-only content :P

It's been refreshing to browse Gopherspace the last couple of days. Remember that time in the 90s when everyone had a homepage? Hell, everyone's *dog* had a homepage. They might have been crap, but at least it was something someone made. Gopher reminds me a lot of that time — people making their own sites just for the fun of it.

Not that the web interface works especially well, but buggered if I'm spending any time at 1:40 am debugging it :P

Holy crap that's awesome. I haven't thought about gopher for over a decade. Can't wait to check this out.