Gladhanding piece of crap.

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13.7% english, 10.7% norwegian, 10.6% pidgin

Me Claudius

YouTube: Monsterpiece Theater - Me Claudius (TheOriginalTellyMonster)

From Season 11, many people claim that this was to be the first. Now I don't mean to sound political, but I would always disagree with that.
37.7% english, 33.7% pidgin, 15.8% italian

Americans, it's "thanks", not "thank". Short for thankematics; note the plural S at the end.
34.3% english, 23.7% norwegian, 21.6% danish

The Pepperpots are having a slow day at the office.

Marie & Pierre Curie - holding aloft a glowing specimen of radium.
Colour lithograph, c.1904. #histsci #histmed

21.1% english, 14.6% pidgin, 14.1% italian

This made my day. A reader sent me her character card for Oregon Trail — look who played as Amanda Spillane from #SkunksDance.

23.4% english, 20.9% danish, 18% portuguese
Though that Jimmy the Fish doesn't look like he's up to any good either. And don't even get me started on Jangus Roundstone. What a bastard.
27.8% english, 24% pidgin, 18.9% danish

Wooh, #SkunksDance nabs a mention on the B&N blog: "5 Recent Comic Novels That Are Hilariously Reviving the Form"
30% english, 22% pidgin, 17.9% danish
"A good comic novel has to have that bit of ongoing madness at its core, but it also needs quirk and uniqueness from which it can derive humor and jokes. There's a ton of this in #SkunksDance."
34.3% english, 23.7% pidgin, 20% danish

20.6% latin, 18.8% english, 14.5% portuguese

Do not call me on the telephone.
Do not leave a message.
Do not expect me to call you.
What the hell do you think email is for?
35.9% english, 22.6% pidgin, 20.6% danish

An exceptional #Groucho caricature by Hans Stengel, New York Herald Tribune, 1926. #marxbrothers #broadway

19.2% english, 13.6% swedish, 13.3% latin

18.9% italian, 18.5% portuguese, 17.3% english

Oh my god "Magical Mystery Tour" sucks. Yet it's the most Beatley movie they made — the only one they wrote, directed & acted in. They acted in "A Hard Day's Night" and "Help!", but they didn't write or direct those. And they're not even *in* "Yellow Submarine". They have a voice cameo, but actors play the Beatles in the entire rest of the movie. But man, I will watch "Magical Mystery Tour" a hundred times over because it features the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. Because BONZOS.
31.9% english, 20.1% pidgin, 17.7% danish

Do watch this on YouTube*! Lair OfThe White Worm (1988). Hugh Grant & Amanda Donohoe in #horror hysteria!

(*you'll need drinks...)

21.1% english, 15% pidgin, 13.2% italian

The only bad thing about Milo Yiannopoulos' demise is I won't be able to enjoy hearing journalists fail horribly at pronouncing his name.
28.9% english, 17.9% pidgin, 14.5% italian

Check out the trailer for my latest horror short "Elise's Nightmare" @JetaimeBabyMo #indiefilm

Vimeo: ELISE'S NIGHTMARE - Trailer (Parker Brennon)

Elise hears an unknown voice in her apartment and soon finds she's not alone. Sound design by Patrick Shaffer: IMDb…
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New shower curtain. I can die happy. #winning #VincentPrice

19.2% english, 18.6% romanian, 17.7% italian

"'Thou shalt have no other gods before me,' which in a briefer and more up-to-date translation goes, 'America First.'"
— St. Hereticus, 1964

Seriously, this book "The Collect'd Writings of St. Hereticus" is amazing. More of this, please.

28.1% english, 20.9% pidgin, 16.6% danish

Martha Roth discusses the #Chicago #Assyrian Dictionary, a comprehensive lexicon of ancient #Akkadian dialects.

YouTube: The Chicago Assyrian Dictionary: The Final Chapter (The University of Chicago)

If you experience any technical difficulties with this video or would like to make an accessibility-related request, please send a message to digicomm@uchica...
26.5% english, 21% pidgin, 18.5% portuguese

The only bad thing about this is that it ends.

28.2% english, 19.1% pidgin, 14.9% latin

18.7% english, 14.9% pidgin, 14.6% dutch

The art of the laugh track is to make it raucous enough to let you know it's funny, but not identifiable enough to pick out any one person laughing. If you could identify people laughing, it would shatter the illusion that the on-screen laughter is actually yours.
33.3% english, 27.5% pidgin, 20% french